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We are at HMRC, 50 Scott St. at Duboce in San Francisco 94117. Location Details [LINK].


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Thursdays at 7:00pm at HMRC with instructor Rich Reel.
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Our Next Dance:
Celebrating Cinco De Mayo
May 3

See the FLYER

Foggy City Dancers & Western Star Dancers
Saturday, May 3rd
Barry Clasper Calling Mainstream, Plus, Advanced Squares and a Challenge Star Tip; and a few fun Rounds cued by Barbara-Lynn Smith
All starting at 7:00pm
Squares: 7:30pm 10:30pm
Pre-Rounds: 7:00pm 7:30pm
Single-Rounds at 8:30pm & 9:30pm
Saturday 3 May 7:00pm 10:30pm
Forest Hill Christian Church
250 Laguna Honda Blvd San Francisco, CA
Lots of Free Parking and 2 Blocks from Muni
$10 Admission ($2 Off for Members)


VIDEO CLIP: First tip during the 2013 Cinco dance with caller Barry Clasper.

Free APD Sessions

Mainstream-Plus All-Position Dancing (APD)

FREE on Thursdays in April,
7-9 pm at HMRC, 50 Scott St. in San Francisco.

Practice your current square dancing skills and learn to execute calls from different positions over approximately 14 weeks of Mainstream-Plus APD on Thursdays from May - August

($5 per class night or $40 for the full session).