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We are at HMRC, 50 Scott St. at Duboce in San Francisco 94117. Location Details [LINK].


April 15: Matt

April 25: Mario

May Birthdays

May 5: Fen

May 6: Ron

May 14: Mimi

May 20: Jay

May 26: Richard

Mainstream Class Graduation

The current WSD Mainstream Class will graduate on Thursday May 7; come on down to Harvey Milk Rec Center at 7:00pm to help celebrate! There will also be a Club Meeting to discuss plans for June and beyond--please join in and share your thoughts.

NOTE: WSD will be dark May 14, 21 & 28, resuming in June. The dance levels and format for summer are now under discussion, and your input is needed; if you can't make it to HMRC on May 7, please email your ideas/questions etc. to Russ, rkingsf@aol.com--thanks!



Dance in honor of
Western Star
33rd Anniversary

Louis Dorsey announces a special invitation to a privately produced dance at his home in celebration of the Western Star Dancers.

Caller: Rich Reel

March 21, 2015. 7p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

58 Wawona Street, San Francisco.
Garage (cement floor).
New class level dancing, Plus, Advanced.

FREE Basic/Mainstream Class

Western Star Dancers is very pleased and excited to announce our FREE Beginners Square Dance Classes in San Francisco. Rich Reel will be teaching Basic & Mainstream Calls. Come & "Angel" @ our Intro Nights and bring your friends that you would like to introduce to Square Dancing.

WHERE: Harvey Milk Rec Center, 50 Scott Street @ Duboce in the Upstairs Dance Studio, San Francisco.

WHEN: Intro Class Sept 11th, 7pm-9pm. Session Begins Sept 18th, 7pm-9pm.